Capability Statement

Capability Statement: Projects undertaken by members of SCRET
Our team has a presentable record of successfully implemented projects in a number of African countries, namely South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritius and Nigeria.
Involvement of the team members: site assessments, system design, return of Investment calculation, project management, sourcing and procurement of system components, maintenance, customer support.

Projects undertaken by members of our team:

Project 1
• 50kWp photovoltaic system (15kWp façade mounted, 35kWp on-roof mounted)
• 50kW hybrid grid tie and battery back-up inverter
• 3 x 3kW vertical axis wind turbines
• 50kWh/ 480VDC battery back-up system
Project 2
• 218kWp photovoltaic system (40kW on-roof mounted, 178kWp ground mounted)
• 3 x 70kW grid tie inverter
Project 3
• 140kWp photovoltaic system (ground mounted)
• 2 x 70kW grid tie inverters
Project 4
• 22.5kWp photovoltaic system (on-roof)
• 25kWp SMA grid tie inverter
Project 5
• 17kWp grid tie photovoltaic system (on-roof)
• 17kW SMA grid tie inverter
• 4kWh battery bank for back-up power supply
• Bi-Directional meter for grid export